NFL Week 2 – Top Games I’d Like to Attend

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Week 2 of the NFL is upon us and some of these games will be looked back upon as the time when we learned something about an NFL team. While it would be nice for me to have tickets to all of these games, the idea is unrealistic. But if I could, I’d be……

In Cincinnati to watch the Bengals take on the Atlanta Falcons. I’d like to see if Matt Ryan continues the rampage he began by eating the secondary of the New Orleans Saints. Cincinnati meanwhile, won a tough game against the Ravens but their defense wasn’t challenged by Joe Flaco and the Ravens. They will be, or should be, by the Falcons and a trio of receivers any NFL team would like to have.

In San Diego where the Chargers will have to contend with the Seattle Seahawks. It may sound strange but San Diego has a chance here. Philip Rivers had his team in position to win last week but a bad snap turned the tide and allowed the Cardinals to come back. The Seahawks will be missing some players due to injury. An opportunity for San Diego, who play well at home?

Finally, I’d like to be on TV on Monday Night football. This week we have the Indianapolis Colts taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in Indiana. I was impressed by the way the Eagles came back last week despite losing two offensive line members. I am unimpressed by the Colts pass rush and their running game? What running game? Andrew Luck or not, the Colts have to find some ground pounders or their promising season and powderpuff schedule will be all for naught.


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