NFL Week 1 – Picks and Ticks

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Week 1 of the NFL blows in with a bang and we’ll be starting our weekly picks ….right now.

Of course, being in on the opening action with NFL tickets to the first game of the season is great but not everyone gets that privilege. So, we’ll make the pick but bear in mind that still has access to tickets for the opening games around the NFL. With no further ado, here are our picks for Week 1 in the NFC.


NFL Schedule and Tickets

When: Sat August 2 00:00 - Wed December 31 00:00


Green Bay Packers Packers at Seahawks – Tough one to pick. The Green Bay offense is great but that Seahawks defense? I’ll go out on a limb here and do it simply for the reason that I believe the Seattle defense is going to have a major adjustment to how the NFL is now calling the offensive pass interference and 5-yard rule. It’s going to be a major crimp in their style. Aaron Rodgers gets some free plays and Green Bay outlasts Seattle to shock the nation. How’s that?

vikingsVikings at Rams – To begin with, it would be asy to say that neither team has an NFL quarterback at the helm, at least a top level NFL quarterback.  But the Vikings have a killer in Adrian Peterson and he makes the difference. Vikings grind it out in a low scoring game.

Saints Logo Saints at Falcons – Get ready for one humdinger of a game. The Saints and Falcons always play each other close, even when one team sucks. This will be no different. New Orleans however, is about to spring something on the NFL the Falcons won’t be able to handle. The triple threat of Jimmy Graham, a suddenly motivated and healthy Mark Ingram, and the dynamic speed of Brandin Cooks won’t be stopped. The Falcons secondary just isn’t ready for this. On the other side, the Atlanta offense is healthy and could expose Patrick Robinson if he doesn’t get plenty of safety help. Saints start with a win.

broncosColts at Broncos – Earlier, I would have been quite secure in calling this a Broncos win. But with recent events and the loss of Wes Welker, the effectiveness of Peyton Manning is lessened. This is a scary game now but I still believe Denver wins it in a close score.





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