NFL Upset Picks Week 14 – Tickets to the Postseason

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Here’s where NFL teams begin to earn their tickets to the postseason, in the gritty cold of December. There are plenty of close races going on and this weekend will bring clarity to some and muddle others. Expect some upsets, which is why you are here and now I’m going to stick my neck out and make the calls. Here are your upset picks for Week 14 of the NFL, the teams that are rated underdogs but will rise above the fray and get it together in spite of the odds.


 Ravens Over Dolphins

 The Miami Dolphins have a quarterback in Ryan Tannehill who is among the most efficient in the NFL. The Ravens feast on quarterbacks. But the news of Haloti Ngata getting nailed with a suspension will take some of the wind out of Baltimore’s sails in that department. The Dolphins are still fighting the underachiever stigma and will for another season. I see the Ravens fired up and fighting for an AFC playoff berth and winning on the road.

 Steelers Over Bengals

 Ben Roethlisberger has been hot, hot, hot, and then cooled off. The bengals control the AFC North at the moment. Big Ben will be working against the best secondary in the AFC. The odds look long but I don’t see Pittsburgh falling for a second week. I see the Steelers motivated after an embarrassing loss to new Orleans and the Bengals can’t handle it. Go with Pittsburgh.

 Chiefs Over Cardinals

 Ok, the Cardinals currently lead the NFC West but their star is fading fast. The loss of Carson Palmer is simply too big to overcome and Arizona will limp through the rest of the season wondering what might have been. Meanwhile, Kansas City continues to steadily plod along with the basics. Chiefs take this one.

 Bucs Over Lions – The Impossible

 Sometime you have to stick your neck out. The Lions are a 10-point favorite but routinely fold in December. This is a history play and it’s going to give me my biggest upset of the year. Bucs beat Detroit and make Motor City fans absolutely sick.


NFL tickets bring the heat in December. Seriously folks, this is where the rubber meets the road. If you haven’t seen one of these bitter contests in the final stretch. now is the time to get it together and see what you’ve been missing. Find all your football action here:

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