New York Jets Tickets



New York Jets Tickets



2014 New York Jets tickets will bring either redemption or wholesale destruction to Head Coach Rex Ryan. After a string of three mediocre to poor seasons, Ryan has his back up against the wall. To his credit, the Jets have gone all in with Geno Smith at this point, dedicated themselves to rebuilding what was once a scourge of a defense, and seem to be making all the right moves. Like good New Yorkers, Jets ticket holders will remain skeptical but still fill Metlife Stadium every week. Jets tickets are nothing if not an interesting study in human behavior.

So, Ryan needs to improve his passing game. What to do? First of all he’ll have to coach up Geno Smith, a talented but erratic quarterback who tends to be his own worst enemy. If nothing else, Smith needs to cut back on his 22 interceptions of 2013 and not hurt his team. Secondly, picking up Eric Decker from the Broncos to give Smith a much needed weapons looks like a good move. There’s been some questions of Decker reproducing the numbers he had with Manning but that won’t be necessary. Solid, not spectacular, is what New York needs right now. With Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory filling the running back spots, the Jets should be in good shape.

Jets ticket holders still long for the days when their defense was one of the most feared in the NFL. Getting back to basics, Rex Ryan can depend on a solid defensive line to produce pressure and stop the run. New York used their first pick in the NFL Draft to sign Calvin Pryor in hopes he can help make up for the loss of Antonio Cromartie. Pryor can hit like a beast and his run defense is already at a high level. Now, the Jets need him to contribute to a pass defense that finished in the bottom half of the NFL last season.

The New York Jets schedule brings the usual AFC East opponents into MetLife, namely the Patriots, Dolphins, and Bill. The Jets will also host Chicago on Monday Night Football, the Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Detroit Lions. A Monday Night Football matchup against the Miami Dolphins that could determine a playoff spot looks like a big one for Jets fans in 2014.

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