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Philadelphia Eagles Tickets



Philadelphia Eagles tickets aren’t for the faint of heart. Chip Kelly is building a new paradigm in the NFL, bringing his wide open offensive attack into an arena dominated by conservative tradition. Kelly isn’t afraid to make the big change either. Coming over from Oregon, Kelly re-invigorated a limping Eagles offense with imaginative play calling, using a formerly unknown quarterback and casting off the old regime like a bad coat.

The 2013 season was a time that ignited high hopes in Eagles season ticket holders and new energy in Lincoln Financial Field. Nick Foles fit right into Kelly’s fast paced offense, a system that keeps defenses at bay with lightning play calling and a spread field. Foles delivered 27 touchdowns, and amazingly, only two interceptions all season. The Eagles made another bold move, dumping the troubled DeSean Jackson despite his impressive stats. Chip Kelly brooks no problems.

The 2014 Philadelphia Eagles will feature more players. Darren Sproles comes over from the New Orleans Saints, a versatile scatback with great hands and a knack for making things happen in space. LeSean McCoy returns after carrying the ball 314 times last season, working in both the passing game and as a workhorse runner. To replace Jackson, Eagles ticket holders will be looking to Jeremy Maclin to step right in after recovering from a torn ACL in 2013. Riley Cooper emerged as a true NFL threat and hopes are high he can build on a breakout season.

The 2014 Philadelphia Eagles schedule is favorable, with an opening slate that gives the Eagles plenty of opportunity to build momentum before heading into the final stretch. Eagles tickets will be in high demand as the Chip Kelly regime enters it’s second year in the City of Brotherly Love.

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