Oakland Raiders – 2014 Tickets and Preview

Oakland Raiders Ticketsraiders

The Oakland Raiders have paid the price. The 2014 NFL season marks the first real year of the Reggie McKenzie/Dennis Allen regime. The last couple of years have been spent just trying to break free of the past and gain some wiggle room. Now Allen is starting to build the Raiders into his kind of team. We’ll see just how far the Raiders have come now that they’re faced with an AFC West that includes both the Chiefs and Broncos and a schedule that pits them against both the 49ers and Seahawks.
After a free agent spending binge, the Oakland roster reads like a who’s Who of familiar NFL names. Justin Tuck, Maurice Jones-Drew, James Jones, LaMarr Woodley, and finally, Matt Schaub. The fact that all were released or traded for good reason, and are now seeking redemption with the raiders, can be considered both good and bad. It’s great of they can prove their critics wrong. Bad if the reasons they were released are valid. Schau especially must regain his former swagger. After setting the wrong kinds of NFL records in Houston the eyes of raiders ticket holders will be focused directly on him.
As we mentioned earlier, the schedule for the Oakland raiders is a tough one. The Broncos, Chargers, and Chiefs are all playoff teams. Oakland is fighting for respect. Realistically, if the Raiders can reach 8-8 and set themselves up for success next season, they will have done well.

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