Houston Texans – 2014 Tickets and Preview

The Houston Texans begin the 2014 season trying to shake off the ill effects of a 2-14 season that was basically total disintegration. Relax, the Texans aren’t really a 2-14 team anymore. Gary Kubiak is gone, replaced by Bill O’Brien, a stalwart disciple of Bill Belichich himself. O’Brien has his work cut out for him but the Houston Texans will be more competitive in the 2014 NFL season, albeit probably not a playoff contender.

Houston suffered from a Matt Schaub implosion last year and an overall catastrophe in that most telling of statistics, the turnover. Schaub couldn’t stop throwing picks and Houston could generate few of their own. Schaub is also gone. In his place Texans fans will see Ryan Fitzpatrick, formerly of Buffalo. Before throwing in the towel it”s important to note that Fitzpatrick wasn’t successful with the Bills because the Bills just weren’t a good team. In Houston, Fitzpatrick will have more weapons and a coach that understands how to attack a particular defense in the most effective way possible. Arian Foster is still a reliable runner at 33 and Andre Johnson, if he shows up, is still a top tier NFL receiver. If he doesn’t, second year man DeAndre Hopkins is expected to be the #1 receiver. With Keyshawn Johnson around, and a new tight end in Garrett Graham, the Texans offense should be adequate.

Defensively, the Houston Texans have the good fortune of having Romeo Crennel to coordinate. Crennel likes a 3-4, but until he gets a chance to draft his own roster, he’ll have to mix and match for a while. The Texans do have a brand new toy to unwrap in 2014, and that’s Jadeveon Clowney, #1 overall pick and projected to be an outside linebacker in this scheme.

The 2014 season shapes up as a big one for the Houston Texans and Bill O’Brien. If Fitzpatrick can make good decisions, control the ball, and keep the turnovers to a minimum, and Crennel can create any kind of defense, the Texans could easily end up 8-8 or 9-7. They won’t be better than most teams they face but they’ll be better than most expect.







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