Carolina Panthers – 2014 Tickets and Preview



Carolina Panthers Schedule and Tickets


The Carolina Panthers are the defending NFC South Champions. Panthers ticket holders will find out if Carolina can get back to their winning ways with a slew of changes on offense and increased competition within the NFC South where a repeat champion hasn’t been seen in over a decade.

Cam Newton blew the doors off the NFL with the finest season of his career in 2013, throwing 24 TD’s and leading Carolina to last minute wins time and again. In 2014, Newton faces his biggest challenge. He’ll be working behind a rebuilt offensive line, and throwing the ball to a completely different set of wide receivers. The Panthers either parted ways with or released their top four receivers after 2013 and the new guys will consistent of draft choices and veteran free agent pickups. Carolina will lean heavily on DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, both of whom are getting up in age.

Defensively the Carolina Panthers look to be in good shape. After watching his defensive line lead the NFL in sacks, GM Dave Gettleman went out and drafted….another defensive lineman. If there’s a weakness, it’s in the secondary where the Panthers hope savvy veteran Roman Harper can help improve things.

The Panthers 2014 schedule is formidable though. Any team that can fight their way through this lineup will be well prepared for the playoffs. The falcons and saints appear twice of course, and both teams will be better than they were in 2013. Looking over the schedule we can see playoff contenders in the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. The Falcons must travel to meet the Green Bay Packers, and the Seattle Seahawks are coming to the Georgia Dome. Oh yes, and a Thursday night matchup in Philadelphia completes the picture of the toughest Panthers schedule in years.

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