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Buffalo Bills Tickets


Buffalo Bills tickets are in an all out war for relevancy in the 2014 NFL season. The Bills are looking at big changes, in ownership, possibly in coaching, and if everything goes well, in performance on the field. Since they haven’t delivered a playoff season in over a decade, the last factor is the most important for Buffalo Bills tickets. What has Buffalo done to make it happen? Plenty.

With the Patriots in the AFC East, the Bills must be able to answer touchdown for touchdown. Knowing that, Buffalo used the draft to nab Sammy Watkins out of Clemson, perhaps the best wide receiver prospect in the draft. Watkins adds a downfield threat to the Bills passing game, something that should open up the middle of the field for Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin, giving Buffalo a young but talented receiver group for E. J. Manuel. Having gotten off to a promising start in 2013 before being injured, hopes are that Manuel himself will pick up where he left off. He still has some seasoning to get under his belt. The Bills running game is in excellent shape with Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller, a fact that should allow both Manuel and the wide receivers some breathing room to develop.

The Buffalo Bills will be operating a hybrid scheme, blending the work of Mike Pettine, who left for Cleveland, and new offensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Long on pass rush, short on run defense, Schwartz will try to find the best of both worlds by mixing a 3-4 and 4-3 look.

2014 Buffalo Bills tickets ride a two edges sword again. Seeing New England twice a year is a blessing and a curse for Buffalo football fans. In 2014, the Bills will also see an improving Miami Dolphins squad twice. A Bills schedule that includes Chicago, San Diego, Denver, Green Bay, and the Detroit Lions means Bills fans will get plenty of chances to see great teams. Should the Bills be in the playoff running come December, Bills tickets will have been worth the wait and the scene in Ralph Wilson Stadium will be chaotic.

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