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Arizona Cardinals Tickets



If you’re looking for a reason to get cranked up about 2014 Arizona Cardinals tickets we’ll give a few right here. In finishing 2013, the Cardinals did this in the last three games:
1) Topped NFC West rival St. Louis 30-10
2) Topped the Tennessee Titans 37-34 in overtime.
3) Went into Seattle and beat the eventual Super Bowl Champion Seahawks 17-10.
4) Lost to NFC Championship participant the San Francisco 49ers 23-20.

That’s a pretty good stretch of excellent NFL football from a team that no one thought would compete in the NFC West. A 10-6 record in most other divisions would have you in the NFL’s post-season party. Not so in the NFC West.
The 2014 Arizona Cardinals will have to overcome the bad luck of having both the 49ers and Seahawks in their division. That grouping means four brutal games. But the Cardinals have proven they are up to the task. It won’t take a whole lot to push them into the playoff race. A little better weaponry around a more confident Carson Palmer, the Cardinals defense, which allowed a little over 20 points a game last season, moves up a notch or two into the top five, and a little luck and the Arizona Cardinals are a playoff team.

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