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It’s hard to know what to even think about the New York Jets in 2013. Rex Ryan has gone from a promising beginning a few years ago to being on the edge of buffoonery. And I hate to say that. I kind of like a guy who is brash and bold and speaks his mind. But in the end you have to be able to back it up with good football and the Jets haven’t been playing good football. Since 2011 when they won 11 games their record has gotten progressively worse and the roster moves have been baffling.

Now it’s 2013 and you’ll need a scorecard to know who is on the field. New York lost a half a dozen players in free agency. Not all were superstars but they were decent players. Somebody else wanted them. Darrelle Revis was a star, or at least a very good cornerback, and he’s gone. Tebow is gone also and that’s probably not a bad thing. he was never going to be used anyway. The Jets GM has been replaced and Ryan is limping along in the last year of a contract that probably won’t get renewed unless a miracle occurs.

What the Jets need is either a revival of the talent that made Mark Sanchez a hero in his first couple of seasons or a decision to put Geno Smith on the field and see what they’ve got. Sanchez will have to resurrect himself in a new offensive system put in place by Marty Mornhinweg and it may not be a system that suits his talents. Santonio Holmes is coming back from foot surgery so he’s a question mark. Perhaps the best move the Jets have made all year was to sign Chris Ivory, formerly of the New Orleans Saints, as a running back. Ivory is physical, a powerful runner, but he needs to stay healthy, something he had problems doing in New Orleans. He’s also not much of a threat in the passing game.

Without Revis the Jets defense becomes much more suspect and wholesale changes usually take time to work their way out. New York can expect to be no better than average despite Ryans’s reputation as a defensive guru.

Bottom Line? The Jets will have one of the most interesting NFL seasons in recent history. Ryan is under a microscope and it’s not looking good.

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