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The New York Giants are coming back from a season they want to forget. 9-7 just doesn’t cut it. If they want to win the NFC East and compete with the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys they have to get better on offense and especially on defense. We begin with defense.

In 2012 the Giants defense was porous against the ground game of opposing offenses, pushed around and eaten up with aggressive run tactics. And not much better against the pass. An effective offense was asked to do much by a defense that ranked very near the bottom of the NFL. While fans were hoping for a massive overhaul of the unit they got a little fiddling and a commitment to fundamentals in the hopes that avoiding mistakes will get better results. The defensive line was re-ordered with the arrival of Cullen Jenkins and the linebacker group added Dan Conner and that’s about it. Basically, the New York Giants need their present players to step up their game in 2013. That’s asking a lot.

The Giants offense though, appears to be in very good shape. Eli Manning is a proven winner. His 2012 performance kept New York in the race for the playoffs until the last week of the season. New York will score with a passing game that includes Manning, a healthy Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, and a potential star in Reuben Randle. It looks like the Giants are going to go with David Wilson, a speedy back who showed flash last season. All in all the New York Giants have an offense that can put up plenty of points when healthy and operating at full steam.

What the offense can’t do is score. What they can’t do is keep up if the defense isn’t at least decent. New York is in a tough competition with the Redskins this season and if Dallas gets their act together the Giants will have a hard time seeing the postseason again.

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