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by on June 4, 2011 updated June 4, 2011

At some point the NFL talking has to stop, and then begin again in earnest. Those of us who buy NFL tickets are beginning to get a little po’d about the whole thing. Both sides have understandable positions. Players want to protect their long term interests. Owners want to maintain a profitable model for the long term. But damn, it seems to me that there’s plenty of room for both with $9 billion a year on the table.

From my outlook, the owners have to give in a little. When’s the last time an NFL owner went broke? I think it was never or maybe even longer. Right now there are some ‘secret” talks revealed between players and owners. Which is fine. But if they’re both just shining each other on, then they might as well quit.

But neither the NFL or the players seem to be extending the hand of good sense. The only thing bringing these hard headed @#$#$ together is the chance of missing out on a nickel. Right now they’ve got a pass. But it won’t be too long before this group of dysfunctional millionaires begins to anger the average Joe. When that happens, it’s all over.

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