NFL Tickets – Wide Receiver Frenzy

by on March 14, 2012 updated March 14, 2012

NFL tickets sales will be enhanced somewhere around the league through that big free agent signing we’re all waiting for, namely the final destination of Peyton Manning. In the meantime many teams are stocking up on good talent that in the long run may be more worthwhile. Or not. It remains to be seen whether Manning can elevate a mediocre team into a Super Bowl contender but I guess we’ll find out.
In the meantime let’s take a look around the world of NFL tickets and see who’s doing what. To begin with, wide receivers got plenty of action on the first day, with several moves being made with prominent names or former high draft picks. The biggest in my view is the move to the of Brandon Marshall from the Miami Dolphins to the Chicago Bears. At a cost of only two 3rd round draft picks, this seems like a good bet. Marshall never flourished in Miami but maybe he’ll benefit from Jay Cutler and Jay Cutler will benefit from Brandon Marshall.
The Washington Redskins signed Joe Morgan, not a household name because he’s rarely played but nevertheless the team gave him $12 million. Go Figure. Robert Meacham, former #1 pick of the New Orleans Saints, went to the San Diego Chargers and even Randy Moss got a contract from the San Francisco 49ers. In addition, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed Vincent Jackson away from the San Diego Chargers. Seems like people intend to pass the ball this season.
That’s all the biggest action surrounding NFL tickets on the first day. there’s still plenty of time and sure to be more but today belonged to the wide receivers.

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