NFL Tickets of the Week – Cowboys and Giants – NFC East Battle

by on November 22, 2013 updated November 22, 2013

 Our NFL tickets of the Week go to the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants who will meet on Sunday in an NFC East battle that carries some interesting points. I know. I know. The first argument here is that neither the Giants nor the Cowboys are sporting a winning record. The New York Giants are currently at 4-6. The Dallas Cowboys are an even 5-5. Both are trailing the Philadelphia Eagles.


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 But wait. The Giants have now won four straight games after an 0-6 start and are clawing their way back into the picture. A win puts them in second place and quite neatly puts them in position to make a move into the playoff picture with a little help. Odd isn’t it? It seems like the Carolina Panthers aren’t the only team that can fight their way back into respectability.

 The Cowboys are in a much more serious position. they aren’t out of it. Mathematically the Cowboys are in better position than New York. But in the NFL it helps to be hot late in the season for some reason. Right now Dallas is as cold as they can be. Quite frankly their defense is terrible. Rob Ryan must be laughing his long haired head off. He was canned for producing a bad defense and right now his Saints are in the Top 10.

 It’s not lost on the NFL experts that New York has built their winning streak on the back of some bad teams. Romo will be tougher. On the other hand, can Dallas stop Eli Manning, who is known for getting hot as the winter approaches? In the last few weeks Dallas hasn’t been able to stop anyone. If momentum means anything then New York has to be considered the favorites in this matchup.

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