NFL Tickets – Don’t Miss Week 2 Matchups – Denver Broncos vs Atlanta Falcons

by on September 13, 2012 updated September 13, 2012


NFL Football Tickets


NFL tickets bring us a plethora of exciting matchups this week but I think I’m going to take a look at one that’s off the radar screen for most people. The Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos will go at it this week on Sunday Night Football and I’m thinking this is a big test for both teams. Usually big games involve division or conference rivals but these two teams are neither of those. They are however, two NFL teams that made the most of their debuts last week and have created some buzz.

The Denver Broncos didn’t really need the buzz because Peyton Manning creates a buzz of his own. But the thing is, if Manning hadn’t lived up to expectations last week against the Steelers, what would be being said right now? The Broncos laid out major bucks to bring Manning into the fold, believing that he would be the final key to a championship run. Right now it appears that Denver made a good move. This is a team with good offensive weapons and even better defensive weapons. If Manning can push them into an AFC West Championship then anything can happen in the playoffs where quarterback play is essential.  My take on this week’s game is that Manning will have another good outing against a defense that’s taking some hits due to injury in the secondary.

The Atlanta Falcons created their own media attention with a pretty explosive performance in Kansas City. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones took it to a suspect Chiefs defense. The whole off-season was spent preaching a new offensive system that was designed to be more of a big play system than that previously run by Atlanta. And it worked. The big test is going to be what happens when Ryan and his receivers run up against a Denver defense that gives no quarter against the passing game. They pose a much bigger challenge for Ryan and Jones.

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