NFL Tickets Week 1

by on September 1, 2008 updated September 1, 2008

 Games to See:

N. Y. Giants vs. Washington Redskins – The New York Giants begin the defense of their Super Bowl title on Thursday night. Injuries to the defensive line and the loss of Michael Strahan to retirement could weigh heavily on the Giants. Those losses could be offset if quarterback Eli Manning can play as consistently as he did during the Giants season ending winning streak. The winner here gets an early leg up in the division.

Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills – I find this interesting because Seattle is on  alast ditch effort to win a Super Bowl for their outgoing coach. Buffalo is hell bent on a winning season and a playoff berth. The Bills also look capable of contending. Matt Hasselbeck has been fighting back problems. I’m looking for a Bills win.  Despite the misfortune of being in the same division as the New England Patriots, which precludes a division championship, the Bills can make the playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys vs Cleveland Browns – The hard luck Cowboys, touted to be a Super Bowl contender in the NFC, versus the up and coming Cleveland Browns, a team with VERY high hopes and a hot quarterback. Wouldn’t this be an upset if the Browns can handle Dallas? A good yardstick for just how far the Browns have come.

Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders – A good rivalry game for Monday Night Football. Neither team impresses me but fireworks usually go off when these two clash.

New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Bucs won the NFC South in 2008, the Saints in 2007, the Panthers in 2006. This division should be highly competitive in 2008, with the exception of the rebuilding Falcons.


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