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NFL Football Tickets


NFL tickets dealt out some real winners in Week 1 of the NFL season, a few teams that came out and took care of business. Let’s review a few of the teams that I think did themselves proud and probably set themselves up for better things to come.

Washington Redskins – To say Robert Griffin III carried himself well would be an understatement. But what I think is more telling is how he was handled by Mike Shanahan. The offensive game plan began with easily completed and confidence building passes and grew from there. Even more to the point it looks like the Redskins have some playmakers that can help Griffin ease his way into more demanding game plans. All told, a fine performance from the whole team.

Atlanta Falcons – Atlanta went into Kansas City and completely dominated the whole way. The chemistry between Matt Ryan and Julio Jones seems to be growing rapidly, which bodes well for Atlanta fans.

New York Jets – Where was this offense in pre-season? The New York Jets did pretty much everything well against what I though would be a better Buffalo Bills team. Mark Sanchez looked sharp, the whole Tim Tebow Wildcat moves weren’t great but have promise. On the whole, the Jets are still a little iffy in my book but they did get off to an encouraging start.

San Francisco 49ers – Beating the Packers in Lambeau Field is one hell of a way to get your season started. The 49ers defense, maligned in the pre-season, now looks very close to what they showed in 2011. But I have to wonder if the Alex Smith thing is real or is he just on a hot streak. For now I’m calling him much improved.

Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning is a major upgrade for the Denver Broncos and coupled with a very stout defense could pave the way for an AFC West Championship. Despite all the doubts about his ability to return from neck surgery, Manning took some hits and continued to deliver. A very rewarding feeling has to be surrounding this Broncos team.

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