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by on September 11, 2012 updated September 11, 2012


NFL Football Tickets


Football fans got to use their NFL tickets this week for the first time in the 2012 season and there were some doozie games. Like every opening week there were some winners and some losers, some teams that exceeded expectation and others that delivered sub-par performances. Let’s take a quick review of the losers.

New Orleans Saints – For the first time in recent history the New Orleans Saints bombed in their season opener, falling to the Washington Redskins. While many will point to the play of Robert Griffin III, was no doubt exceptional, it’s my view that the Saints fell due to inferior play on their lines, poor discipline, and overconfidence. New Orleans temporary Head Coach Arron Kromer got outcoached big time. A harbinger of things to come for this besieged franchise or a wake up call?

Buffalo Bills – I really expected more from the BIffalo Bills and a lot less from the Jets. the newly revamped Bills D-line failed to live up to expectations and rarely got near the Jets Mark Sanchez.

Green Bay Packers – It’s not that Green Bay played a terrible game it’s just that the Packers should have had enough to knock off the San Francisco 49ers. Is their defense that bad or is the 49ers offense really becoming that effective?

Carolina Panthers – The second coming of Cam Newton wasn’t very good. Newton was continually harrassed and beaten down by the Buccaneers defense and he didn’t handle it well at all. After numerous off-season Stories dealing with his efforts to improve his demeanor Cam Newton failed big time in his first real test.

Pittsburgh Steelers – The Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t done too well lately against the Denver Broncos, mainly due to a stout Broncos defense that seems to have the number of Ben Roethlisberger. Having Peyton Manning under center was a considerable improvement for Denver and the result is obvious.

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