NFL Tickets – Watching Weird

by on July 24, 2011 updated July 24, 2011

Were about to go though one of the weirdest weeks ever plopped on to an NFL tickets holders. Months and months of speculation over the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement is about to erupt in a weird couple of weeks as the rules become clear and NFL teams attack a free agent market that’s ready explode.

Once camps are open, teams will be ready to start signing free agents, their own and from other teams. There will have to be some quick decisions made, and money spent on huge gambles. It’s an onslaught of rookies and veterans, each one of which has little to no time in adapting to a new system. Will it be like an episode of Pawn Star, with wheeling and dealing or maybe American Picker, where forgotten names get spotted and put back on the market?

In this series, for the benefit of NFL Tickets holders everywhere, we’re going to take a look at four teams and the questions surrounding their roster. If you buy NFL tickets, pay close attention.

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