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After and epic season that saw the emergence of Robert Griffin III and an NFC east Championship you’d think the Redskins would be pretty heavy favorites to compete well in their division. They’re not. Casting around the news room gets you some pretty glum predictions of the 2013 Redskins season. I don’t share that view. Here’s what I see; A Dallas Cowboys team that will probably generate lots of attention and then fail to meet expectations, a Philadelphia Eagles team that will have a hard time under Chip Kelly and Michael Vick, and a Giants team that will score points and give them up with equal fervor. The Redskins have a gamechanger in Griffin.

Yes, he’ll be coming off an injury. But so far his recovery is ahead of schedule and he’s practicing. I do suspect that Mike Shanahan will be more circumspect in his use, hoping to prevent another injury. While it would have been nice to see RG3 working with his receivers in the offseason I believe he’s got enough raw talent to catch up pretty quickly. Besides, Washington does have a running game. Alfred Morris produced over 1,600 yards last season and while he will get more erst because of the return of Roy Helu, that could increase his effectiveness despite fewer carries. Injuries to the pass catchers played hell with the Redskins in 2012. Coming back from health problems are Pierre Garcon, Joshua Morgan, and Fred Davis. Get them healthy and keep them healthy and the Redskins will put up points.

Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett has been asked to put together a defense without much star power and he’s done a decent job. Money woes will force the Redskins to use some unheralded young players in 2013, which could work out well in the long run. The secondary comes back almost intact, adding Davis Amerson in the draft and also Philip Thomas. Both should get the opportunity to compete for starting positions.

Washington Redskins fans need not lie to themselves. If Griffin can match or surpass his performance from last season the Washington Redskins could win the NFC East, despite what the “experts” are saying. If he goes down it’s an uphill battle from there.

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