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by on December 15, 2013 updated December 15, 2013

 NFL tickets struck again this weekend, bringing the unlikley to our doorsteps. Once again we’ve seen that in the NFL the phrase “Any Given Sunday” is alive and well and working overtime. This week we saw two NFL favorites bite the dust to teams that haven’t done a whole lot.


NFL Football Tickets


 The New England Patriots were the first victims, falling to the Miami Dolphins. While the Patriots had to be considered favorites, in my mind this wasn’t a shocking occurencve but nerely and unlikely one.. After all, New England is in position to wrest the AFC away from Denver. But the Patriots have their troubles. Namely, a defense that is well below the NFl average, and the loss of key components of their offense. In this instance the absence of Gronkowski no doubt affected the Patriot’s ability to score at the end of the game. Give credit to Miami though. They put on a gutsy performance.

 The other loss is much more shocking as the New Orleans Saints were absolutely manhandled by the St. Louis Rams. The Saints took a drubbing from Seattle but rebounded well the next week in New Orleans in an important division game against Carolina. But their ascent to the top ended abruptly as St. Louis picked Drew Brees off twice and raced to a big halftime lead. The Saints recovered some at the end but by that time the damage was done.

 It’s going to be very interesting to see how these two teams react to these losses. The New england Patriots are a game behind the Broncos for the top seed in the AFC. The Saints are going to Carolina with the NFC South title at stake. How they recover and play these last two games will have a huge impact on their position and performance in the playoffs.

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