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by on October 1, 2013 updated October 1, 2013

NFL tickets are dishing out some excellent football right now and none better than the quartet of undefeated teams that occupy the top spots in the standings. Some were expected, others are a bit of a surprise. Nonetheless, a 4-0 start is almost a statistical lock to make the NFL playoffs. Here are the four teams and a few thoughts.


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Kansas City Chiefs – Perhaps the biggest surprise….no, take that back, THE biggest surprise is the Kansas City Chiefs 4-0 start. Most of us had some inkling that Andy Reid would improve the Chiefs level of play but few could have expected this strong of a revival. Reid has instituted a new offense under Alex Smith and he’s getting some inspired defense and special teams play. Just as importantly he now has a squad with brimming levels of confidence. There are huge obstacles, namely the Denver Broncos. But the Chiefs are playing well enough early in the season to be considered a playoff contender.

Denver Broncos – Payton Manning has pushed the quarterback bar to ridiculous standards. With 16 touchdowns in four games there’s little doubt who makes the Broncos hum. A virtual lock for the post-season, there hasn’t been a team yet to seriously challenge Denver. It will come but it will have to come on a day when Manning is either hurt or suffering from some type of serious alpha wave breakdown.

New England Patriots – Shaky, but 4-0 is 4-0. Somehow Tom Brady and his Patriots have found a way to get it done. They escaped Atlanta with a win through gutsy defensive play at exactly the right time. The Patriots look to get better as Brady develops some rapport with his receivers and as long as they can get that defense they’ll be on top of the division.

New Orleans Saints – The scary part for the rest of the NFC is that it looks like Drew Brees and his offense are starting to jell. True, the running game is still somewhat anemic but Brees keeps finding Sproles and Colston and Graham. Even more terrifying for the conference is that the Saints defense is creating turnovers and making plays. Kind of like when they went 4-0 and went to the Super Bowl.

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