NFL Tickets – Undefeated No More, Broncos Bash Chiefs

by on November 18, 2013 updated November 18, 2013

 The Kansas City Chiefs are having a season unlike any in recent history. Their long winning streak carried them all the way through mid-season. Unfortunately it also carried them all the way into a contest with the Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning put paid to the idea that the Chiefs were the best team in the AFC West, at least for now, by leading Denver to a 27-17 win in Kansas City and knocking the Chiefs back into second place.


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 Heading into this matchup the watch was on for how the Broncos offensive line would handle a Kansas City defense that leads the NFL in sacks. They did just fine by keeping Manning sack free and allowing him to throw for 300+ yards and a touchdown. A 70-yard connection was signature Manning and all night long it seemed the Broncos had the answer to what baffled so many NFL teams before them.

 The Chiefs and Broncos were picked as the NFL Tickets of the Week by most sportswriters out there, including this one. But realistically this was a pretty routine game if not for the unblemished record of Kansas City heading into it. What’s going to be more interesting is how the Chiefs and Broncos play next week. Denver has the New England Patriots. Kansas City has the San Diego Chargers. Should both teams win it sets up another contest with both teams at 9-1 and the winner of that one will likely control the AFC West and the AFC itself.

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