NFL Tickets – Toppling the Leaders

by on December 7, 2009 updated December 7, 2009

 NFL tickets always hold surprises. That was on the back of my mind yesterday as I settled in to watch football. There were basically two teams I wanted to watch, to see how they would handle what might be their biggest challenges so far in the 2009 NFL Season.

Dallas Cowboys – This is a no brainer. Given the Cowboys December woes, so fervently laid out on every sports show this week, I knew this would be a test. Would the Cowboys respond, knock off the New York Giants, and maintain their grip on the NFC North? Nah, Romo and company folded their tents and let the Giants gain a badly needed win. This bodes ill for another Cowboys December. With the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints in the next two weeks, then divisional games against the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys can either rise to the occasion or send wade Philips to the unemployment line.

Minnesota Vikings – I am a Saints fan and I have to say this Minnesota Vikings team scares me. But not so much after last night. Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals just gave up the game plan for beating the Vikings. It might have been a bad night but with everyone waiting for Brett Favre to collapse late in the season….well maybe it’s just beginning. It wasn’t a disaster, the Minnesota Vikings are still strong, but the seeds of doubt have been planted. It’s up to Favre to keep them from sprouting.


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