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by on October 8, 2013 updated October 8, 2013

NFL tickets brought some surprises this weekend as some teams struggled and others found a way to outplay themselves. The Top 5 this week is an expression of our opinion and the rankings come from a national publication. Of course we understand that YOUR Top NFL ticket will always be for your home team.We may not agree with these NFL rankings but they’re a good starting point in the debate.


NFL Football Tickets


Denver Broncos – To say that we were surprised by the win over Dallas would be downright wrong but we, and most of the NFL, were surprised by how tough a game the Cowboys gave the Denver Broncos. It took a heroic effort and a single mistake to give Denver a 51-48 win. As good as the Broncos are Tony Romo carved them up like a Thanksgiving turkey. If not for the offense behind Peyton Manning, well, the Broncos may have fallen from their lofty perch. But they didn’t and they remain, justifiably so, on top the rankings.

Seattle Seahawks – Seattle has been rolling and it’s almost inevitable in this NFL that good teams will fall to other good teams. Sometimes you just have a bad day. We can’t find any fault with Seattle but the Colts were better on Sunday.

New Orleans Saints – To us, this a shaky #3. The New Orleans Saints are playing well in spots and they just happen to be the right spots. New Orleans has Drew Brees and it’s almost unbelievable what Tight End Jimmy Graham is doing. If opponents can’t figure out how to stop that guy the Saints will easily win the NFC South, especially since it looks like the Falcons are in the tank.

San Francisco 49ers – The Niners simply blew away Houston and look like they’re back on track. This is a fundamentally sound football team that does the basics right. It’s still a contest in the NFC West and if Seattle should stumble again the Niners will be right there to kick them when they’re down.

New England Patriots – I have to disagree with a #5 ranking for the Patriots. Yes, they’ve been winning. But this a very shaky team right now and the confidence level of New England has to be faltering.

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