NFL Tickets – Thursday Night Football Diss – Cardinals over Seahawks Insanity

by on October 17, 2013 updated October 17, 2013

NFL tickets, in my opinion, should be reserved for Sunday and Monday. Except during playoff time when I’m totally OK with watching on Saturday. Thursday NFL games? I’m not feeling it. Now as a guy who routinely enjoys my tickets to the local heroes I’m not immune to going on Thursday. I can’t be. I’m not going to give my tickets away unless I absolutely have to. Like, I’m in the hospital have to. But I have to say that NFL football on Thursday night is just wrong. Here’s why.


NFL Football Tickets


It’s not traditional. Yes, make the argument that Monday Night Football wasn’t traditional until it was. But somehow there’s a difference. The idea of taking one game a week and making it something special is a good one. MNF has that distinction. But when you take another NFL game and try to make that special you’ve suddenly got too many special games and they aren’t special anymore. Plus, NFL tickets mean a party and if you party Thursday it kills you on the weekends. You can’t have a party every night. In addition the Thursday night deal makes the week too short for the teams. OK, I’m done.

The Arizona Cardinals will beat the Seattle Seahawks. I’ve seen it in my crystal ball. The Seahawks struggle on the road. This is an NFC West matchup and division rivalries mean tossing logic out the window. The Cardinals will create some turnovers because the Seahawks have been getting careless and are overconfident. The Arizona defense ain’t bad, better than you think. If they can stop Marshawn Lynch they’ll keep it close at home and that means the crowd can make a difference. Finally, this is the NFL and nobody is unbeatable.

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