NFL Tickets: The View from the Bottom

by on October 21, 2007 updated October 21, 2007

 It’s Sunday morning and I’m looking over the list of NFL games to be played later on in the day. It’s amazing how the perspective changes in just a few short weeks. Here’s my take on some of the biggest surprises NFL tickets have laid on us in 2007.

Chicago Bears tickets looked like a sure thing again in 2007. The Beras came into the season the undisputed favorite in the NFC North. Surely the Packers, Lions, and Vikings had no chance. But in Week 7, Green Bay Packers tickets have been the class of the division while the Bears are 2-4 and freezing in the basement.

Is it over already for the Philadelphia Eagles? The Cowboys are 5-1 and Eli Manning and the New York Giants are 4-2. McNabb looks like a shell of his former self, with only one good game to his credit.

 The New Orleans Saints looked unstoppable in pre-season. They’ve been anything but. Maybe last week’s win over the Seahawks will spark something. The Saints have probably the easiest task to get back on track with the Falcons and Panthers looking weak and Tampa Bay still unproven in many areas. If it’s going to happen though, the winning streak has to start now.


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