NFL Tickets – The Best Opener Yet

by on April 22, 2010 updated April 19, 2014

There’s nothing like making a splash to start the season and the NFL is trying it’s best to make the 2010 season opener a doozy. Currently scheduled as the first game of the season is the New Orleans Saints taking on the Minnesota Vikings. This matchup harks back to the NFC Championship, a game few in either New Orleans or Minnesota will forget. Hailed as Brett Favre’s best chance to get back to the Super Bowl it all seemed to be falling into place. Favre had led his Vikings to a tie in regulation and had them marching down the field with little time left on the clock. All signs pointed to another Brett Favre fourth quarter comeback. A miracle that would put the grey haired QB back in the title game looked all but assured.


There was only one problem. Favre was hanging by a thread, having been knocked to the ground repeatedly by the New Orleans saints defense and limping on a bad ankle, again compliments of the Saints. Looking to gain a first down in the red zone Favre drifted left out of the pocket, ignored the running room ahead of him and tossed a pass…….straight into the arms of Saints cornerback Tracy Porter.


It was a stunning end to a great game. Afterwards there were howls of indignation from Vikings fans about how badly Favre had been roughed up, how smelly the officiating was, and how the Purple had been cheated of the chance to see their hero win another ring. So I would expect this Saints vs. Vikings NFL opener to be one tough physical football game. Scarcely had the NFC Championship ended when Vikings players began talking about revenge sometime in the future, predicting that Drew Brees was now a marked man.


The NFL could scarcely have gone wrong with this matchup. All that remains to be seen is whether Brett Favre will retire or return to the Vikings for another shot. My gut tells me he’s coming back so I’m making plans to be there when the game kicks off.

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