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The Tennessee Titans are anticipating a breakout season for Jake Locker. To make it so, Locker will have to improve on his efficiency and provide an offensive spark when the chips are down. He’s been in the NFL long enough now that things should be slowing down. This is the point in the career of a quarterback where things either get  much better or they begin to be seen as a backup quality player.

But don’t expect the Titans to be turning Locker loose in a wild aerial attack. Remember that Chris Johnson is on this team and he’s got quite a resume as a runner. Johnson suffered last season from poor line play. That issue was addressed when the Titans used their #1 Draft Choice on Chance Warmack of Alabama. Warmack is seen as a massive presence at the guard position and his ability could open huge holes in the line for Johnson. Along with Warmack, Tennessee also drafted Brian Schwenke out of California. Schwenke could start early or he could find find his way on to the field in spot duty. Eventually he’ll start.

If the Titans expect to give Locker some targets they’ll have to make something happen with their wide receivers. Kenny Britt has talent but he’s wildly erratic. Justin Hunter, drafted out of Tennessee with the #2 pick, could break in and play early. The Titans also signed free agent Delanie Walker from San Francisco and he fits well into a short passing attack.

The other side of the ball might be a problem for awhile. Tennessee is weak on the defensive line and they have few playmakers on the back side of the defense. Most of the big plays will be made by a pretty good linebacker crew but they are still in development.

Bottom Line? The Tennessee Titans are experiencing a new beginning and anything could happen. This team is playing in the AFC South and both Houston and Indianapolis are playoff caliber teams. The Titans could contend for one of the lower seeds in the AFC if everything falls in place.




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