NFL Tickets – Tebow Mania Round…?

by on April 20, 2015 updated April 20, 2015

The Risk Free Shot By the Philadelphia Eagles


Once again Tim Tebow has NFL ticket buyers abuzz, signing with the Philadelphia Eagles today. The move is being debated far and wide and as usual Tebow has more than his share of supporters and detractors. he may be the most polarizing player in football. If there’s ever a tragedy in his NFL life it will be a slip into obscurity. Let’s throw our hat into the ring with a few points some NFL pundits appear to be missing.

1) Chip Kelly is nothing if not confident. He at least believes there is something in Tim Tebow that may allow him to be at least a decent backup or worth nurturing. Certainly Tebow has not distinguished himself in any area other than persistence and the ability to draw attention. But, and this is a big one, Kelly can turn him into even an average backup he’ll have proven the most important thing, that he was right and the others were wrong.

2) Here’s what most are missing. Signing Tim Tebow is a minimal risk. There is no huge contract here. If Tebow can’t make the squad, he gets cut and Philadelphia is out a few bucks. Big deal. If he does make the roster he’s an instant media grabber and I’m getting the feeling that Chip Kelly likes to hear himself talk.

3) Finally, the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly like quarterbacks who can do damage with their legs. Tebow isn’t the most elusive guy but he’s probably better than your average NFL quarterback when he gets an opportunity to cut loose. He is an athlete first and foremost. That’s not in doubt.

So, will 2015 NFL ticket buyers get a chance to see Tim Tebow start for the Philadelphia Eagles? Probably not. We might get a chance to see him come in a game every once in a while though, and when he does the anticipation will be high.


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