NFL – Tebow Free as a Bird

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There’s been an endless debate about Tim Tebow and his eventual position in the NFL. At one time many fans held out hope that Tebow would take the NFL by storm with his unique brand of athleticism and leadership. He almost did it with the Denver Broncos. Seriously, weren’t you surprised when Tebow engineered a few last minute wins and pushed the Broncos into the playoffs?

Is there still a chance for Tebow to make it in the NFL? Hope is growing dim. The New York Jets took Tim Tebow and basically wasted a year of their time. And Tebow’s time. Had the Broncos not signed Manning it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that Tim Tebow would have continued to have success. Tim Tebow may have played his last down in the NFL unless he shows a willingness to play another position.

Elsewhere in the NFL we can look around and see some interesting things going on. The draft is over and there are several teams that have made solid picks and improved their rosters on paper. Of course every NFL team at this point thinks they killed it in the draft. But it will be three years or so of NFL games before we find out how good anyone really did.

But keep an eye on the Miami Dolphins. While they won’t take the NFL by storm this season they will be improved. On the other side of the country the San Francisco 49ers laid down some promising picks and made their future even brighter.

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