NFL Tickets – Can Your Team Make the Super Bowl?

by on May 15, 2014 updated July 4, 2014

NFL tickets always make us dream of a Super Bowl. That’s why fans love them. Sometimes it takes years of faithful fandom to be rewarded with a Super Bowl. But that’s what makes the beginning of a season so great. Every team in the NFL has hopes of making a Super Bowl, of beating the odds. And what are those odds? Well, here’s some of the teams and their odds of making the Super Bowl according to this article on Yahoo Sports. Bear in mind these odds reflect both free agent signings and draft results.


NFL Football Tickets


Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawks, the reigning Super Bowl Champions, are pegged at 4/1, the highest odds on the board. That sort of underlines how difficult it is to get to, and win, a Super Bowl.

Denver Broncos – The Broncos come in at 5/1. Denver made it last season but couldn’t win, thus the reduced odds.

 San Francisco 49ers – San Francisco is at 6/1 but that’s probably a result of being in the same division as Seattle. The Niners have to find a way to get out of their own division. If they do they become favorites.

New England Patriots – You can never count out the Patriots, who stand at 8/1.


According to these odds these are the four teams most likely to be in the Super Bowl. Remember, there’s no accounting for injuries or bad luck or good luck or any of the wild things that can happen during an NFL season. So which NFL teams have the worst odds and stand to make you the most bang for your buck if they pull off a miracle?


 Oakland Raiders – The payoff could be huge here. Oakland comes in at 200 to one.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Another 200/1 shot.

Minnesota Vikings – Are they still labeled as a team with major quarterback problems?

Cleveland Browns – The Browns are labeled at 60/1. Does this reflect the magic of Johnny Manziel?


Here are some mid-level teams.


Dallas Cowboys – America’s Team falls in at 30/1.

Washington Redskins – 40/1, which seems optimistic considering their finish last season and a new coaching staff. But, they do have RG3.

 New Orleans Saints – At 20/1, New Orleans may be overrated. But don’t discount the fact that Sean Payton has overhauled his defense and added speed on his offense.



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