NFL Tickets – Synapse Misfire in the NFL, Questions, Questions, Questions

by on November 27, 2013 updated November 27, 2013

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Sometimes it’s best just to let your mind wander and take you where it may. What’s this got to do with NFL tickets? Beats me. But when all your brain cells are misfiring and you’re thinking about the NFL then these kinds of things happen. Let’s just go with the words and keep thinking about the NFL.

Seattle Seahawks – Are the Seahawks ready for a crash? These guys have been keeping it together all season and they’ve had some turmoil. Now Thurmond, a key cornerback, is under suspension for the game against New Orleans. Seattle is now as thin as paper at the cornerback spot. Can the rest of the team carry the load?

Denver Broncos – In the wake of their stunning loss to New England, the Broncos are coming under the microscope. Is their defense bad? Can Manning play in the cold weather? Hell, the Denver Broncos are a good football team and Manning is a good quarterback. Yes, they’ve benefited from a light schedule but Denver is fundamentally sound.

New Orleans Saints – The Saints have an improved defense and their usually potent offense. They are going into Seattle. Indications are that it’s going to be bad weather conditions. The Saints will have to rely heavily on a ground game that’s only shown life in recent weeks. Furthermore, they have to stop Marshawn Lynch on the other side of the ball. They stopped Frank Gore didn’t they? Still, playing Seattle in bad weather and playoff standings at stake? We’ll find out something about both Seattle and the Saints on Monday Night Football.

Green Bay Packers – Can the Packers pull it together under Matt Flynn and win just one game? The NFC North is still out there to be won. Just one game.  Nobody else seems to want the division.

Carolina Panthers – Are the Carolina Panthers the Dark horse Super Bowl candidate? This team has won seven straight. Cam Newton has settled down. The defense is very, very tough. That might get Carolina the NFC South, and maybe more.

New England Patriots – Yes, they’ll win their division again. But time is growing short for Belichick and Brady to win another Super Bowl together. What been done in the 2013 season is almost a miracle. It’s hard to see the Patriots in New York in February but I’m wrong so often……

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