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by on October 20, 2013 updated October 20, 2013

As usual there are a few surprises in the NFL this week. But nothing major. The biggest surprise to me is that right it’s halftime in the Colts vs Broncos game and Indianapolis seems to have everything under control. It’s way too early to give them the win but the Colts defense has kept Manning hemmed in and slowed him down, something no other team has been able to do. If the Colts pull this off that will be my upset of the week in tomorrow’s articles.


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Otherwise I was surprised by the Buffalo Bill’s handling the Miami Dolphins. I really though that Miami was on the way to something good this season but they’ve struggled lately and I’m not sure why.

One big surprise today was the fact that the New York Jets beat the New England Patriots with a last minute field goal. But is that a surprise. Yes. Despite the fact that New England has been barely walking away with victories I seriously doubt anyone thought that it would be the circus-like Jets to finally pin a loss on Tom Brady.

Is anyone surprised that the Houston Texans lost again? I am. This is too good a team to be where they are. Is Kansas City that good? I’m beginning to be convinced. 7-0 is 7-0.

The Pittsburgh Steelers found a way to win, topping the Baltimore Ravens 17-16. That’s a surprise. If you were one of the people that declared Pittsburgh dead in the water, well, there’s life there yet.

Believe me, if the Indianapolis Colts manage to beat the unbeaten Denver Broncos tonight you’ll hear from me tomorrow.


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