NFL Tickets supporting ‘Good Boy” bonus

by on March 14, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 Finally some sanity is returning to the expenditures derived from out NFL ticket prices. Lately teams hace been including a “performance bonus” of sorts into their contracts. It has nothing to do with yards gained or pass receptions or touchdowns. It’s mor of a Good Citizen bonus. If a player shows when he’s supposed to, works like he’s supposed to, and doesn’t get arrested offering lollipops and blunts to underage kids, he gets a bonus. I like this idea even though it grates me to pay people for doing what they should be doing anyway. Still, it’s better than offering guaranteed money to troublemakers and career gangsta who can play football.

I bet the Cincinnati Bengals would have loved this approach. And maybe the Atlanta Falcons ala Michael Vick, or any one of  anumber of teams whacked with criminally insans football heroes who have fallen victim to the own weakness. As my father would have said”

‘The Idols I have loved so long have done my dredit in this world much wrong. They have drowned my glory in a shallow cup and sold my reputation for a song.’ Come to think of it the New York Yankees and a-Rod could work this kind of deal, the put A-Rod on a commmercial singing:

‘Look at me

I’m steroid free” 

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