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by on February 1, 2014 updated February 1, 2014

 The Super Bowl is here tomorrow and we’re going to find out plenty of things on Sunday night:

 1) Can Peyton Manning shed the image that he can’t perform in inclement weather. The forecast for New York is in the 30’s with some precipitation. Not ideal like an indoor stadium but at least it’s not foot deep snow. I believe Manning will be fine with it.

 2) Can the Seattle Seahawks defense, the best in the NFL, shut down the Broncos offense, the best in the NFL? This is going to be very interesting. In general, the team that can play defense comes out ahead. The Seahawks can play defense but they’re also going against the best in the business in Manning.

 3) Will Percy Harvin have an impact? Harvin hasn’t played this season. he’s an unknown element in the Seahawks offense. If he’s healthy, and the Seahawks have some surprise uses for him, it could be a game changer.

 4) The Broncos defense has been banged up but managed to get them this far. Russell Wilson has to be accounted for and he can run. Gonna be tough.


 Finally, high times may be coming to the NFL. Roger Goodell said today that allowing the use of medical marinjuana is on the table but not likely. The  “Experts” are against it and we won’t be seeing this too soon. The odd thing, I thought, is that Goodell mentioned and addiction problem. That just doesn’t ring true to me. Obviously, NFL players use painkillers under medical supervision, drugs like percocet and vicodin. All these are highly addictive. Doesn’t Goodell watch the news? Marijuana is way less addictive than any of these drugs. If anything, it’s the stigma of marijuana and it’s ban by the Federal government that has the NFL wary.

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