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by on September 11, 2013 updated September 11, 2013

The NFL seems to be actively engaged in protecting players to the greatest extent possible and while we won’t get into all aspects of the situation they at least seem to be dealing with a heavy hand with one guy that has created more than one brouhaha. It was announced today that Ndamukong Suh will be fined $100,000 for a low block on Vikings center John Sullivan.


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“Suh was penalized for violating Rule 12, Section 2, Article 5 (a), which prohibits blocks below the waist by players of either team after a change of possession,” the NFL said in an official statement. You should read that to yourself in a stern voice for greater impact.

What it boils down to is an attempt to reel in a troublemaker by hitting him in a place where it hurts, his wallet. Granted, Suh is a millionaire but still, a hundred grand isn’t pocket change for anyone except maybe Drew Brees or Tom Brady or Joe Flaco or, wait a minute, maybe $100,000 isn’t enough.

When a player gains the reputation of Suh, maybe something else needs to be done. Maybe you need to take away something that is going to hurt and hurt really bad. It’s not like Suh has been some kind of saint and this is his first offense. He’s already been suspended for two games for kicking a quarterback when he was down and a $30,000 fine for stepping on another players hands. If the NFL can spend millions on concussions, legislate protection for quarterbacks and defenseless receivers, maybe the can come up with something to protect the rest of the NFL against a guy who obviously can’t keep himself from lashing out and deliberately attempting to hurt people during games. Maybe a year long suspension is the more appropriate for a three time loser.

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