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by on November 24, 2013 updated November 24, 2013

 There are a few things going on in the NFL right now, a few teams making some moves that could pay dividends come playoff time. Teams get on streaks and when you’re lucky enough to get NFl tickets and see a team on a good streak, you’re lucky. If course there are bad streaks too but right now I’d like to take a look at some streaks in the NFL.


NFL Football Tickets


 St. Louis Rams – The Rams are on a streak of sorts, having put together a few solid wins over the last few weeks. But there’s no bigger streak for St. Louis than the streak of Tavon Austin, who now has four runs of more than fifty yards this season, all of them for touchdowns. The guy is a streak running down the field and his emergence as a genuine threat is making defenses play the Rams differently.

 Carolina Panthers – The Panthers are on the best kind of streak, a winning streak. Carolina has now won seven straight. Today in Miami the game was very much in doubt until somehow Cam Newton and the offense found some stability and scored a late touchdown to overcome the Dolphins in Miami. Can they keep it up?

New York Giants – Their streak, a winning streak of four, had New York back in the running in the NFC East. Dallas ended that with a late field goal on a day that Eli Manning didn’t play well but had the Giants tied in the 4th quarter.


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