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by on November 5, 2013 updated November 5, 2013

 As perhaps the most closely watched sport in the world (My friend would argue that soccer is watched by more people worldwide) NFl football brings some strange events. Mostly because anything put under a microscope is weird. Anything is weird if you look at it closely enough.


NFL Football Tickets


 I’ve gotten off the point. This week in the NFl there were a pair of coaches sidelined by different health events. I don’t remember that happening before. Gary Kubiak collapsed at halftime of the Houston Texans game and he’s spent some time in the hospital. His diagnosis? Transient ischemic attack. This is basically an interruption to the blood flow reaching the brain.

 Out West, John Fox had problems with an aortic valve, an ailment he was diagnosed with and had knowledge of, and was trying to put off treatment until the post-season. How long he’ll be out is anyone’s guess.

 Of these two incidents the one involving Fox is probably going to have the most impact. Kubiak has not been successful this season and with the Texans losing every game in sight anyway his absence won’t make much difference.

 Meanwhile, there’s drama in in Miami. From what’s being reported it seems that Richie Incognito is being accused of harrassment, or “Bullying” as the popular phrase goes today, his fellow Dolphin Jonathan Martin. I think “bullying” is probably not going far enough IF reports are true that Incognito actually threatened the life of Martin. A little hazing is undoubtedly part of the game but that’s pushing it a little too far.

 Finally, the Green Bay Packers are pretty musch screwed. Aaron Rodgers has a broken collarbone and Seneca Wallace is their backup. Green Bay has been steamrolled with injury this season will have to struggle to keep up in an NFC North that has some promising contenders in Detroit and Chicago.

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