NFL Tickets – The Standings in Week 12

by on November 18, 2013 updated November 18, 2013


NFL Football Tickets


 Time to take a look at the NFL standings in Week 12 and get an idea on which teams we should be watching and just as importantly which NFL tickets look to pay off with some playoff bonuses.

AFC Standings

Denver Broncos – The Broncos just beat the Kansas City Chiefs and now hold the top spot in the AFC West and the AFC overall at 9-1. This is what we expected before the NFL season began and it’s what we’ve got. The Broncos now have to face the Patriots, who are currently leading the AFC east at 7-2 with a game against the Carolina Panthers tonight on Monday Night Football.

Kansas City Chiefs – Their unbeaten streak over, the Chiefs must now rally and get back to playing winning football. They’ll get another shot at denver in two weeks.

Indianapolis Colts – The Colts have a huge three game lead over Tennessee in the AFC Couth and a virtual lock on a division title.

Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals look good for an AFC North title as Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Baltimore have had their seasons fall apart early.

NFC Standings

Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles hold the slimmest of leads in a seriously weakened NFC East. This division is wide open as none of these teams inspire much confidence.

Dallas Cowboys – Might make the playoffs but are so up and down it may not do them much good. Still, they’re in the running.

Detroit Lions – Leading the NFC North by virtue of a tiebreaker with Chicago. With Green Bay ailing at quarterback the NFC North is a two horse race for now.

Seattle Seahawks – Seattle is the class of the NFC. The big showdown for the Seahawks looks to be the New Orleans Saints, who just downed the 49ers. But the game is in Seattle, giving the hometwon boys a huge edge.

New Orleans Saints – New Orleans holds a small edge over the Carolina Panthers but will have to face those same Panthers twice in three weeks along with the Falcons and Seattle in short order. A brutal stretch of games that will either temper or destroy their NFC South title hopes.

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