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by on August 28, 2013 updated August 28, 2013

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If any team in the NFL got some good news today, news that could impact their whole 2013 season, it was the Washington Redskins. As most NFL ticket holders know, RG3 is not a guy you feel good about when he’s coming to your stadium. Unless you’re a Redskins fan. Well, get ready to feel bad if Washington is on your schedule because the guy who pulled off an amazing rookie season has said he feels ready to go for the regular season.


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Robert Griffin II was hurt last year in a controversial move by Mike Shanahan, who many feel took an unnecessary chance with Griffin when he was already ailing from a leg injury. It got worse when he was injured again, this time severely enough to require offseason surgery and put the 2013 season in peril. But in another one of those amazing recoveries that now seem to be becoming more commonplace, RG3 claimed “I would say I’m 100 percent, but you can’t put a number on it. No one ever knows when they are 100 percent or what percentage they’re playing at. The biggest thing is, I’m not below 100 percent.”

Maybe not too strong at math but strong at football and RG3 embodies all the possibility of 2013 for the Washington Redskins. With him I believe they’re a playoff contender and though many experts have them trailing in the NFC East I think they have to be considered favorites if Griffin is healthy. Shanahan will probably play it closer to the vest in 2013 to make sure he does stay healthy. Anyway, watch out Redskins fans and the rest of the NFL. Your boy is back.

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