NFL Tickets – Shocker in Indy

by on November 10, 2013 updated November 10, 2013

 If you looked around for NFL tickets and you saw the Rams scheduled to play the Colts on Sunday you probably passed, think as I did, that Indianapolis was going to have a blowout win. There was a blowout alright but it went the other way.


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 The St. Louis Rams went into Indianapolis and kicked butt. Just plain kicked butt. And they did it largely due to the beakout performance of Tavon Austin. The rookie, get this, had a 98-yard touchdown on a kick return. He also caught passes of 81 yards and 57 yards and took them for touchdowns. Not a bad day for a rookie. The Rams also returned a fumble for a touchdown.

 Indianapolis isn’t used to losing in their home stadium and this one was especially shocking. There’s been no indication that St. Louis, now 4-6, had the capability of dominating the Colts in the way they did. Once more we’re reminded that the difference between a winning NFL team and a losing NFL team can be razor thin.

 On this day Andrew Luck had no chance. He threw a pair of endzone interceptions and like the entire Colts offense was mostly ineffective all day. It just goes to show you that you never know what’s going to happen when you have NFL tickets to the right game. Picking the game is the hard part. Getting your NFL tickets is the easy part with


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