NFL Tickets – Seahawks Take Control (Of Everything)

by on December 3, 2013 updated December 3, 2013

 Full disclosure. I’m a fan of the New Orleans Saints.


NFL Football Tickets


 That said, I’m also a fan of honesty and honestly, the Seattle Seahawks are one amazing football team. I believe last night proved the Seahawks are the team of destiny in the NFC. In one fell swoop Seattle has proven that they can do it all and do it better than just about anyone. The New Orleans saints went into Seattle a legitimate contender with something to prove and left bruised and battered. They were outcoached, beaten physically, outhustled, and the victim of a better team. The Seahawks are up here (hold your hand over your head) and everyone else in the NFC is somewhere below that.

 None of this is to say that the Seattle Seahawks will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. But I wouldn’t bet against them. Seattle may not even be the #1 seed. But I wouldn’t bet against it. The Seahawks could still fall victim to someone but I wouldn’t bet on that happening. Right now Pete Carrol has his team amped up and ready to tear the hearts out of anyone standing in their way. Bet on that.

 Four teams stand in the way of Seattle finishing at 15-1.

 San Francisco 49ers – Having fallen from their lofty perch of lasr season the 49ers are suffering a slump. the defense is still potent but the offense is ailing. Gotta go with Seattle despite the fact they meet in San Francisco.

 New York Giants – Don’t even think about it.

 Arizona Cardinals – Although Arizona is playing well they aren’t nearly as confident nor nearly as talented. Rivalries bring interesting results though. I’ll go with Seattle.

 St. Louis Rams – The Rams are also an improving team but improving and good aren’t the same thing. The final piece of this puzzle is whether the Seahawks have already clinched the #1 seed and sit everyone but backups. If they do, St. Louis has a chance.


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