NFL Tickets – Saints Sweating

by on May 6, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

I truly believe we’re going get to use our NFL tickets at some point this season, but I’m beginning to wonder what kind of football we’re going to see when NFL football resumes. Is the quality going to suffer. The reason I ask this is because the New Orleans Saints are drawing a ton of good publicity for holding highly planned workouts under the guidance of quarterback Drew Brees. It’s just the kind of thing Brees is noted for, taking command of a bad situation and making something good happen, something that will get the ball rolling back in the right direction.

I also think Drew Brees smells blood in the water. If he can get his team working together under normal conditions, in other words, prepare for an NFL season in the intense environment they usually see, will it result in a Super Bowl? Gaining an edge on the competition is what the NFL is all about and Drew Brees is kicking the dead dogs of the league by refusing to be deprived of his preparation time prior to the season. If anything, the New Orleans Saints will be pushed to work harder than ever. While the majority of the NFL wallows in their time off. The Saints are sweating.

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