NFL Tickets – Rise and Fall

by on April 10, 2009 updated April 10, 2009

 Every, the people who rush the box office for NFL tickets will get a surprise. Sometimes it’s the unexpected victories and success of an unlikely team (ala the Arizona Cardinals), sometimes it’s the unseen hazards of the NFl and the loneliness of missing that anticipated playoff spot (think New England Patriots).

 As the 2009 NFL draft looms I find myself musing over which teams may rise to the top in the upcoming season and which may see their fortunes fall. Now, here is my completely uninformed and unsubstantiated list of teams to watch.

 Dallas Cowboys – I can’t put my finger on it but I do think the Dallas Cowboys may right their ship in 2009. T.O. is gone and that will help. But that’s not all of it. In the last few years we’ve seen the New York Giants win a Super Bowl and the Philadelphia Eagles exceed expectations with a trip to the NFC Championship. I just think it’s the Cowboys turn.

 New England Patriots – This is not a brilliant call, I admit. Who wouldn’t call the Patriots a favorite with Tom Brady coming back? They’ve also added some punch to their running game and have 11 draft picks. Big Bill will make it happen.

Buffalo Bills – Another team whose time has come. The Bills have been consistent 7-9 performers for the last few years. Break on through to the other side, Bills.

 New Orleans Saints – Here’s a team with a great offense and a crummy defense. The Saints have already added veteran defensive help. Not giving up long passes would have put New Orleans in the playoffs last year. Now, with a better defense, and the chance to possibly land a bull running back to complement Reggie Bush, the Saints are poised to hit paydirt.

Chicago Bears – The Bears have lacked good quarterback play for a decade. Jay Cutler should end that drought. Coupled with a good running back in Matt Forte and a formidable defense, Chicago should be in contention in the NFC.


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