NFL Tickets – Re-Fueled by Money

by on June 21, 2011 updated June 21, 2011

NFL tickets are getting ready to be re-fueled in my opinion. While we’ve all been sitting around watching the NFL owners and players tossing around accusations and bluster, our NFL tickets have been sitting on the shelf, or worse yet, still sitting on the shelves of the box office.

But reading between the lines, I believe we’re going to see some real movement in the NFL labor situation in just a few weeks, or possibly even days. News is out that the owners and players are now discussing a new split of the money, one that would give players a larger share, and better yet, simplify the whole distribution of revenue. It’s the kind of deal that could usher in long term stability to the NFL market, allowing each group to make plans for the future with a solid basis in place.

What that means is that those of us who already have our NFL football tickets don’t have to worry about them being lost for the season. Those fans who have held off on buying NFL tickets because of uncertainty, will soon be pounding the gates. And this habit we’ve gotten into of trying to decide what we’re going to do without NFL football, well, we’ll lose that pretty quick.

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