NFL Tickets – The Real Antitrust

by on April 6, 2011 updated July 5, 2014

Well, with our cherished NFL tickets held in limbo by the lockout, today is the day the NFL owners and players get into court and do battle. The players will be looking at anti-trust, the owners will be looking to battle the players, and the fans will be left standing outside and wondering just who has their interests at heart.

Talk about anti-trust. Just who can the NFL fans trust these days? We know we can’t trust the owners. These are guys who’ve become kings in a sense, using their franchise values to build themselves a virtual monopoly on the game of pro football while expanding their empires worldwide. Maybe, just maybe, we can trust the payers. Well, if the owners are kings the players are princes. Somewhere along the line here we, the NFL tickets buyers of America, are going to get held hostage. I don’t care who wins or if both sides feel like they’ve lost. We carry the load. Don’t kid yourselves. We’ve got to watch our backs here. Because if there’s anything certain, it’s that we can’t trust the owners, the players, and certainly not the media. Now that my friends, is the real anti-trust.

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