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by on December 10, 2013 updated December 10, 2013

¬†They’re out again and we all love them. Unless your team is way down at the bottom. Of course we’re talking NFL rankings and practically everywhere you look on the web you’ll see them. Each site has it;s opinion. Mostly, I just make this stuff up as I go along. Here’s my Top 5.


NFL Football Tickets


Seattle Seahawks – Any team can have a bad game. The Seahawks found theirs in San Francisco. But, I’m gonna let it slide for a couple of reasons. First, this is a divisional rivalry and in plenty of cases these teams know each other well and know a trick or two that can get the other guy off guard. Obviously, the 49ers came in revenge mode and got it done. But over time the Seahawks are still better.

Denver Broncos – This is determined by two factors also. One is Peyton Manning, who’s having another unbelievable season. The other is that with New England reeling again from the loss (once more) of Gronkowski, the Patriots won’t be as good as they’ve become.

New Orleans Saints – Didn’t I say any NFL team could have a bad game? The Saints left theirs in Seattle and rebounded against a Carolina team that had put together eight straight wins.

Carolina Panthers – Our recurring theme. The Panthers aren’t 31-13 worse than New Orleans. They stumbled. But the odds are that this team will recover and finsih in the playoff money.

San Francisco 49ers – I can’t say why, but I believe the 49ers are righting their ship and will get a big boost from the win over Seattle and finish strong.


Carolina Panthers – the Panthers also get a rain check despite their loss. They played the

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