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NFL Football Tickets


Which NFL tickets will pay off with a Super Bowl winner? Isn’t that always the question? In their desire to predict the future sportswriters will always toss out power rankings, especially in the NFL. The truth is there are too many variable to be sure. But it’s fun to try. here are a few teams that have gotten the nod lately.

Seattle Seahawks – Coming off a rejuvenating season the Seahawks are now considered an NFC power. They’ve got the defense, the hot and expected to improve quarterback, and a respected coach. Trouble is, the San Francisco 49ers are in their division and the battle between these two is going to be epic. Count on it.

¬†San Francisco 49ers – Read the above. Quarterback, defense, etc. What’s amazing is that two years ago the NFC West was a laugher. Now they may have the best two teams in the NFC. But the 49ers now have to contend with Seattle. Ha!

Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning is a big reason for the high power rankings of the Denver Broncos. Defense is another big part. It’s still tough for me to look back and not see some fundamental flaw in their strategy against the Ravens that cost them dearly. Still, they’re definitely good enough to get back.

¬†Atlanta Falcons – Here’s a team that’s gotten better and better and still hasn’t gone very far in the playoffs. What’s the deal? Atlanta needs to break through the ceiling or be considered a failure again in 2013. For the Falcons the Super Bowl is everything.

Green Bay Packers – Excuse me if I’m not impressed. Aaron Rodgers is great but Green Bay has some serious weaknesses.

New England Patriots – Turmoil and trouble have them falling swiftly.

Houston Texans – If everyone is healthy, and stays healthy, the Texans have enough oomph to win the AFC South. After that it’s anyone’s game.


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